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Dec 9, 2013 4:00am EST
east rather than pulling in other countries like the ukraine to the eu and breaking energy ties with russia in particular. i'll pose the question to olli rehn. >> apparently he wants to run for parliament. >> maybe i'll be asking him that, too. >> yes, i think you should. thank you, jules, for now out of brussels. >>> pay no attention to china. exports surged to a near five-year high. their imports were a little underwhelming. inflation will give beijing more financial forms. it could rise if interest rates rose next year. at the same time they're setting a record midpoint for the second straight day. we have the chief china economist at rbs and joins us now. louis, thank you very much, indeed, for joining us. just oftn the trade data. is there any discussion here that the strong figures have been disguised by hot money in flows? >> i think that that has not really been the case in november of this year because we had a huge bout of that disguising of capital influx. that was associated with where things and the numbers showed up with regard to the chinese exports to hong kong.
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST
on public spending, some of that detail is going to be heard, it's going to be changes to energy prices, it's going to be changes to possibly some of their corporation tax, a freeze on business rates, but essentially it's going to away fiscally neutral budget with a tone saying tax cuts, they may kot come in the future, but not until we've secured recovery. we will have, however, gdp revisions up towards. the uk economy is booming. some experts are saying that the uk could be the most successful economy within the fw7 nations by the end of the year. with us here to discuss that further is steve radially, director of policy at trade manufacturing body eef. steve, finally, do we have a balanced recovery in the uk? we had positive manufacturing this week and the survey vague that is going to continue. could it be the right kind of recovery? >> well, the news is certainly looking better, but we're still below where we were before the recession in the economy overall in manufacturing. we're going to see january rebalancing, more investment, and more exports. that's what we're hoping today's autu
Dec 4, 2013 4:00am EST
and energy prices. peter is still with us. helia, how important is this, do you think, politically and economically? >> well, you would have the government would say danny alexander would come up and say this is a sign of confidence in the market. but most of our viewers will say it sounds kind of familiar because just a couple years ago, we had the pension infrastructure platform which was supposedly a pledge from pension funds to put 20 billion pounds into infrastructure projects in the uk. and it only attracted 1 billion. solo today we have another commitment, this time from insurance funds putting in 20 billion over the next five years, the question really is is the government doing enough to allow this money to go to work? are they putting in the right guarantees that allow firms like insurance firms, pension funds to structure the investment in the way that they want? remember, this is a 375 billion pound infrastructure plan in the uk. that really hasn't changed much in the last couple of years. so i think the devil is in the detail on this one been. >> peter, what your thoug
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am EST
.7% was because of a fall in energy prices. most people i speak to, if you cut their gas bills by, say, 10%, they're not going to be worried about deflation, they'll spend the extra money. actually in the short term that movement in price could actually stimulate spending rather than cause worries about deflation. now over the medium term, of course, as employers say the deflation is coming down, wage cuts will be more aggressive, that's when you enter potentially a deflation marry situati -- deflation air ri index. >> it's still falling there. phillip, good to see you. chief economist at investech. i don't know if phillip was shopping this weekend, but they did in the u.s. they didn't spend as much. 141 million people shopped at least once. that's up from 139 million a year ago. the average person spent around $407. 4% less than the black friday weekend last year. total spending is expected to hit 57.4 billion over the four-day period down 2.8% from last year. they say discounts took a toll on sales and stores will continue to aggressively promote deals to entice budget contest and value focused
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am EST
expertise in london. and also things like energy, environment, that's also uk is very, very strong. so i think both sides are looking at opportunities both for investments of china's capital in the uk, but also how the uk businesses could share a bigger size of the cake. because the uk investment is minuscule compared with other european countries in china. >> yeah. and do you think this will help london become the major offshore trading center for the renminbi? >> i think london is very well positioned, indeed, because after all, london is the leading financial center in the world and, of course, the china's bands also are already being welcomed in london and, in fact, recently, the china businesses consortium has bought a sizable chunk of the area next to the city of london. so that gives the china business an opportunity to be near the financial center, bring in china's businesses to london. but, of course, london is a launching plat for china's businesses all around europe. so i think london is very well positioned, indeed, in terms of financial services. >> boris johnson will hear y
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
200 jobs as it sees energy, agriculture, metals and trading. separately, an employee of deutsche bank's japan unit has been arrested in tokyo over allegations to win investment business from a blue chip company. the arrest is part of a broader government probe into the management of the country's 27 trillion yen public/private pension sector. deutsche bank shares today are down 0.5%, compounding the falls that we've seen in the past few days, down just over 0.3% over seven days. >>> one of the other big movers out there today, nestle is selling its 1.14 billion swiss franc state in givaudan. it will be managed by goldman sachs. the sale comes as nestle looked to shed underperforming businesses. the share price, nestle on the up 1 plus percent. givaudan, falling in zurich to the tune of 3.72%. >>> royal dutch shell is set to pull out of a gas project in louisiana. the dutch oil and gas company said it wasn't a viable option. development costs were the reasons cited for the suspension of future work. the share price gaining 2.7% in today's trade. >>> these are your headlines today. afte
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6